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Volunteers needed to address drug abuse in Zimbabwe

Hi All,

It is so good to see that there are so many newcomers becoming involved with very important community projects right here in Harare. In 2010, Sarah Fox along with Colin Beattie (colinb [at] zol.co.zw) and a few others set up Zimpact to help improve the serious drink driving situation that we have in this country. They have already made huge inroads but, as with anything similar, there is a long way still to go.

Addictions of one sort or another are becoming more and more prevalent in this world and can happen in all sorts of formats: Alcohol, Substance abuse, Gambling, Gaming, Pornography – you name it. It takes a lot of courage and family support for an addict to turn their life around.

Last night Colin hosted an event at Queen of Hearts in Highlands, attended by about 80 people, to discuss the major drug abuse problem we have in our midst. Several people in the audience spoke about their addictions and how they had come to terms with it. Cocaine addiction was mentioned by all of them! Sarah Fox (zimpactharare [at] gmail.com) and Nicky Gibbs recently went over to the UK where they visited several leading drug abuse centres to see what we can do to set up one or two of our own. Western Counselling was one such place that impressed them so they convinced Amanda Thomas to come over for a few weeks to help kick start the project. She told us all about some of the things they have done in the UK during her 20 years with the clinic.

They are looking for volunteers to help drive this very important campaign so if you believe you can assist please put your hand up and send either Colin or Sarah an email RIGHT NOW.


Mike Garden

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