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ZIMPACT was initially founded in 2010 and expanded as a non-profit trust volunteer organisation in 2013. Since then it has continued to grow exponentially in all areas of activity. We credit our progress to the growing number of volunteers & supporters who endorse our mission to stop drunk driving.


A most encouraging aspect over the years has been the many like-minded organisations and individuals, across all sectors and faiths, with whom we work in support and reciprocity to keep our children and loved ones safe at events and on the roads.


We are pleased to note that we have been acknowledged by the Association of Trust Schools and endorsed by the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority. We are also have a working relationship with the Zimbabwe Police (ZRP).

Impacting the youth

As our initial anti-'drunk driving' outreach, backed by the 'Responsible Drinking' message, continues to resonate, ZIMPACT has been able to extended its core 'Impacting the Youth' activities: Education, Awareness and event 'Safe-Chill Zone' support. The youth were identified from the start as key to changing this culture of drunk driving, especially as they are our future! Ultimately, children learn most from the example of their parents so efforts to engage the adult public must continue too.

Education / schools

This continues to be an important ZIMPACT focus. We are now involved with 11 schools where we interact, educate and create awareness of the dangers of drunk and reckless driving. This progress is largely achieved through positive engagement, individual responsibility and leadership.


ZIMPACT runs School Education Programmes at:
Chisipite Girls' School, Hellenic Academy, Lomagundi College, Peterhouse High School, St. Christopher’s, The Dominican Convent.

Event Safe / Chill Zones

The entertainment industry organisers continue to request ZIMPACT's support at a range of social events, parties, concerts etc in the form of 'Safe/Chill Zones' where free water is distributed to the youth by their peers in a spirit of trust, respect and fun. This activity is done in conjunction with adult supervision and in a comfortable area where support, first aid, food, free tea and coffee, free phone charging stations etc are also provided to help ensure people don't drive home when they shouldn't.


With the magnanimous support of sponsors, our awareness programme has grown to include cinema, radio, magazine & billboard advertising. We have developed long term, mutually beneficial relationships with each other.

Ster-Kinekor cinema adverts

Our ZIMPACT movie advert is shown during school holidays at Eastgate (6 screens) and Westgate (4 screens) with a reach of 35,000 plus customers monthly.


It is also shown at Sam Levy's Village (Borrowdale) through a combination of all 6 cinemas which have foot traffic which peaks to about 30,000 during school holidays - April, August and December.

Awareness adverts

Our adverts are printed in Ndeipi magazine - 4,000 copies/month with an estimated readership of 20,000; and in local Ultimate Diaries with a print run of 10,000/year.


Radio & newspapers

ZIMPACT committee members have participated in talk shows on Zi-FM and Power FM, and ZIMPACT is featured in newspaper articles published in the Harare News, The Standard, The Daily News, The Herald and Sunday Mail.

school Fun Days

Since 2014 Zimpact has run a "Fun Day" at Hellenic Academy for the Form 1,2 and 3's with the Lower 6 running the games and scoring.


The idea behind the games is to:

  • create a platform for the future Upper 6 to integrate with the lower part of the school in a fun and social environment

  • build caring relationships across school age groups through interaction

  • promote team participation, working together to solve problems and helping each other

  • be inclusive of children of all abilities

  • build a relationship with our teenagers through positive reinforcement and fun.

Alternative transport

We are making progress in this area and hope to see adoption of some of our new concepts.

SPAR supermarket in-store tv adverts

SPAR Sam Levy's - 10 screens, SPAR Bridge - 18 screens.

The average patronage at these 2 locations is about 180,000 customers every month. A ZIMPACT advert displays on 20 inch, full colour digital screens continuously throughout trade hours, looping every 10-15 minutes giving approximately 1,700 impressions per month. Screens are located at till points, deli counters, fruit & veg, butchery and drinks section.


Email mailing lists

Our e-flier adverts very kindly go out monthly through Aquarius Public Relations & Bambazonke to over 8,000 and 9,000 direct recipients each respectively.

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Zimpact school events
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Zimpact - advertising
Zimpact school events
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