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Thanks to growing demand from the general public and requests for co-operation from like-minded organisations, ZIMPACT needs to expand its main committee and establish portfolio sub-committees. Portfolio sub-committees will be headed by a full committee member and supported by ad-hoc volunteers from the ZIMPACT contacts database.


ZIMPACT is looking for help to develop the following portfolios:

  1. We would like to have a ZIMPACT representative at each of the private schools - a parent or teacher who can work with us.

  2. We want to develop a campaign that can be put into all the schools nationwide on drunk and dangerous driving. This may extend to the use of other drugs. It is not necessary to have extensive knowledge of the subject but we do need to work with different organisations, gather information and present our final work in Shona, Ndebele and English. This will probably be a poster campaign so a strong visual message will be important.

  3. We need to create a young ZIMPACT committee with which we can: discuss ideas to create a greater awareness of drunk and dangerous driving; drive a youthful cultural rejection of drunk and dangerous driving.



  1. Co-ordinate and design a marketing campaign that will cover newspapers, magazines, billboards, posters, radio, commercials for the cinema and editorial.

  2. Work with events planning team, education team, merchandise team, social media etc to create a campaign that is cohesive, strong and dynamic.


The aim of ZIMPACT is to reach all people & communities across the country. Volunteers are needed to help ZIMPACT reach beyond Harare into other towns and cities by forming new representative ZIMPACT committees. 


This critical portfolio needs to offer creative support to the main committee's goal of providing practical and sustainable alternatives to drunk & dangerous driving. ZIMPACT recognises that it's not enough to raise awareness about drunk & dangerous driving. Affordable and practical alternatives need to be identified and regularly reviewed to successfully complete the change in mentality & behaviour. ZIMPACT currently recommends the following alternatives to driving drunk:

  • Nominate a designated driver - take turns to be the one who stays sober for the event

  • Pre-book Shuttle services (ZIMPACT already endorses 3!)

  • "Goodfellas/hire-a-driver" concept

  • Use a reputable taxi service (as an alternative to pre-booked shuttle services)

Events support

Volunteers are needed to provide support for events such as fairs, music festivals etc. A duty roster is compiled to share responsibilities and a committee member will be on duty together with any volunteers.

A well supported sub-committee will be required to manage the extensive demands of this portfolio.

Event planning & public relations


This portfolio will link, formulate & drive ZIMPACT'S website content & social media thrust.




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