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Who we are

Zimpact is a non-profit Trust run by volunteers as a community service to raise awareness of drunk driving in Zimbabwe.


Drinking is so heavily embedded in Zimbabwean culture that Zimpact was formed to educate the youth on the risks of drunk & dangerous driving. We want to keep Zimbabwe's teens out of the accident statistics! Help us keep them safe.



We are proud of being Zimbabweans


We want to have a real impact on the youth 


We want to create a 'pact' to avoid drunk & dangerous driving


Colin Beattie (Treasurer )

Richard Tennant (Trustee)

Sarah Fox (Founder & Trustee)

Karen Mutasa (Trustee)

Lydia Tanyanyiwa (Trustee)

Dave Ashwin (Chairman)

Kylie Wright (Member)

Casey Gould  (Secretary)

Mission & Vision

Stop drunk & dangerous driving on the roads of Zimbabwe


Educate and influence young Zimbabweans based on trust, respect and fun

Generate support working with schools, businesses and communtiy

Awareness creating awareness of the consequences of drunk and dangerous driving

Safety engage relevant authorities to play their part in making our roads safer


Get involved 

 +263 773 699 977

With your help, Zimpact will be able to realise more of the ideas and plans that sit on the back burner in need of willing hands.


We focus on outreach through education interventions at schools; awareness raising through creative and inventive advertising; and providing alternatives to drunk driving using local services and volunteer assistance.


We welcome your ideas and contributions - join forces with us to make sure our teens enjoy their free time and make it home in one piece.


Corporate sponsors, parents and other interested people, please read more about how you can help us.

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Our Sponsors

Thank you all for helping us change the culture of drunk driving